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Autumn/Winter Cycling


Winter is fast approaching. The temperature here in the UK has already begun to drop as the leaves from the trees find their way to the ground. It won’t be long before all cyclists will be dusting off their winter Cycling gear and wrapping up warm. (or putting their bikes in the garage and taking the car to work!)

If you are like me, a cycling commuter, you do not want to pay loads of money for Lycra gear to keep warm. Instead, if you are like me, you prefer the option of layers.

My current winter gear consists of:

Top Half: A base layer long sleeve top, with a standard cycling jersey over the top. I then wear a waterproof/windproof jacket from Altura.

Hands: I have two waterproof gloves. A Sealskinz glove, which is thermal and waterproof, but for the real cold weather, they aren’t as good as my other pair that essentially are two gloves. They keep my hands toasty warm in any condition.

Bottom Half: Waterproof shorts until it gets really cold, then long legged waterproof trousers with thermal leggings underneath.

Feet: Ankle socks and summer walking boots (Salomon). These keep my feet very warm, however, they are not as waterproof as a winter boot and they are only waterproof when I wear my over-trousers, because without them, water gets into the boot from the top and thus making everything wet! As the colder weather creeps in, I wear a thicker sock and when it is very wet, I also have a pair of waterproof Sealskinz socks.

This kit is by no means the best set up. It is an affordable set up and warm when it counts. I plan to purchase further clothing and shoes that are lighter, more effective and designed better for the job. Of course, with this comes a higher price tag.

I have found these waterproof boots which have some good reviews too. I am seriously thinking of purchasing a pair.

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  1. Good work Mark. Clothing and the weather is something I obsess over.
    One of the latter rides of 2016 was 43 miles and I started out in -1 0c. I’ve taken to a good pair of socks, toe covers, water proof overshoes and winter overshoes.
    I also purchased a set of cheap glove liners…they are an absolute must.
    Stay safe on those winter commutes.

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    • Thank you for the positive feedback. I will endeveaour to write more articles, but only if I deem them to be interesting enough to be read! 🙂

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