Review: Lake MXZ302 MTB Boot.

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Check out these bad boys. Designed for the cyclist after asking die-hard cyclists what they would want out of a winter shoe/boot:

– warmth
– dryness
– comfort
– breathability
– pedaling power
– SPD compatibility
– ankle support
– easy to lace
– tread that grips
– tough, durable
– abrasion-resistance
– long-lasting construction
– affordability
– All weather protection

Average price of around £161.00

So above is the advertising for this product, but what are they actually like?

I am a size 9 (UK) and my intial wearing of them made me think I had bought the wrong size. They were very snug to the point that the front of my feet near to the toes were being restricted. Even adjusting the BOA laces didn’t seem to relieve this issue. However, I have been wearing them for a few months now and with some BOA lacing adjustments and with general leather wear and tear, there is now some give and they are a lot more comfortable.

I have worn them in the cold weather as well as heavy rain. You do need a nice warm pair of socks inside, as the boot alone and a thin sock will not be enough. I have been recommended to try socks with Merino wool in them. (I was lucky enough to receive two pairs as a Christmas present, so I will let you know how they fare too.) Alternatively, I pair of your favourite, warm winter socks will suffice I am sure.

Pro’s :

  1. Warm (even warmer with the addition of good socks)
  2. Dry (95% at any rate and that 5% is due to heavy rain and/or lots of puddles)
  3. Easy to lace
  4. Breathable
  5. SPD combatability

Con’s :

  1. There is a seam to the left of your big toe and this would appear to allow some wetness in. This I have found when cycling in heavy downpour and/or when having to go through more than just a couple of puddles.
  2. The neoprene that velcros around the ankle is not a snug fit and with out the use of over trousers, I found water was getting in over the top and wetting my feet. Since wearing my winter over trousers however, this is now not an issue.

These get a healthy 4 bike rating from me:

Bike Rating ImageBike Rating ImageBike Rating ImageBike Rating Image

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