Review: Endura Stealth Waterproof Cycling Jacket

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I bit the bullet and purchased the Endura Stealth Waterproof Cycling Jacket for £153.00 ( did an internet price match which I thought was mighty nice of them. There is nothing better than giving your money to local businesses.)

I have to say, this has to be one of the best buys I have made. The first day I wore this, the temperature was below 3°C. Although it wasn’t raining in the morning, the chill in the air was the kind that bore down to the bones. Before I left home, I was considering adding a base layer under my short sleeved cycling top. In fact, I did go back into the house and get a base layer, which I put into my backpack; Just in case!

I needn’t have worried. Once my body had warmed up from the initial exercise of cycling, the Endura Stealth Waterproof Cycling Jacket did a fantastic job of keeping the cold air away from my body and managed to disperse the heat from my body just as well. The end result was a nice upper body temperature, the like of which I have not had in it’s cheaper counterparts.

Now, if like me, you enjoy losing yourself in some tunes for the journey, the Endura Stealth Waterproof Cycling Jacket has a breast pocket for your music player of choice. I have an iPhone and there is plenty of room left inside the pocket.

Neatly integrated into the fabric of the pocket is a soft rubber opening, where you can feed your headphone lead through, so that you can have the headphone lead on the inside of your jacket.

The only downside to this is, the fabric between you and the player is very thin and breathable and thus, your body heat can cause condensation on your player. So, dependant on how much heat you give off, this could become an issue, I don’t know from personal experience.

You also have two large pockets to the rear of the jacket. A map pocket and a general useage pocket.

All zips, including all pockets, are laser cut and totally waterproof.

Update: 04-01-12

Having used this jacket in all weathers now, I am happy to say it was a great investment. I have taken to only wearing a base layer underneath the jacket, where previously I was wearing a base layer AND a cycling top underneath my other cycling jacket.

This gets a full 5 Bike rating from me:

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