Maintenance – Does a commuter/leisure cyclist need to replace parts so often?

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Well, I have got my bike back from the bike shop after it has had some maintenance and some parts replaced. £149.00 thank you very much!

So, the question is, how often do we really need to change parts?

I was discussing with my brother and he has a mountain bike that he only paid a couple of hundred quid for, has had it for 10 years and has done over 3,000 miles on it and never replaced anything other than maybe brake blocks.

I have got a mountain bike too, a Marin, which I have had it since March 2008. I have done about 2,500 miles on it and I have had various parts replaced costing me in excess of £300. The main replaced parts being the chain and cogs; front and back. Every time I take it to the bike shop, they do that big intake of breath and tell me my chain is stretched and my cogs need replacing! Now, they may well be right, after all, they are supposed to be the experts, but do the parts really need replacing? After all, I am not a professional cyclist. I don’t rely heavily on the parts working to optimum performance because after all, I am a commuting cyclist and a leisure cyclist. I just want my gears to change when I select them and my bike to stop when I brake. Oh and the front suspension to give me some comfort from uneven terrain.

With my £300, I could have put that towards another bike and got a newer model.

So, to anyone out there reading this, what are your thoughts on this subject? Should the non-professional cyclists out there, not be too worried about bike shops offering to fit “worn” parts, when really, they don’t need replacing.

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  1. This really answered my problem, thank you!

  2. My youngsters adore your web site and so do I. Im a big kid at heart.

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