An Unexpected “Mini-Adventure” On My Bike

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A nice late summer low sun.


My alternative route – The Canal Tow Path

Now that the nights are a lot lighter, in my ultimate wisdom I thought it time to retry the canal tow path route home. The words mud and muddy come to mind as I recall the extra workout I received from my decision. At least half of the canal towpath route was either surface muddy or was at least half a foot deep muddy. On the upside, there weren’t that many puddles which was a surprise considering the amount of ice that has been melting everywhere.

The ice is still melting slowly in the canal itself, so much so, I saw some ducks making magicians look like amateurs with their walking on water! It freaked me out at first until I realised it was just a clear sheet of ice that had become slightly submerged, probably due to the ducks weight as there were about 8 or more of them.

As the ice melts, I also noticed some patterns that resembled bare trees. I said to myself I should stop and take a photo on my iPhone, but alas, my need to get home as soon as possible and my forward motion momentum was such I didn’t want to stop and now I am kicking myself for it. I love unusual, natural wonders.

All in all, the journey ended up being five minutes longer than normal. This is partly due to the canal route being a slightly longer route home and with the added fun of the mud to cycle through…..need I say more?!

Despite the negatives, it was a nice alternative and a break from the normal route.

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