Lake MZX302 Cycling Boots – A broken BOA dial.

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Well, despite me praising these boots early on in my experience of them, I have to report that I now have a broken lace

dial. This is the dial of the BOA lace system that essentially tightens the laces and without it, the laces cannot be

tightened. At £150+ and less than 6 months commuting/leisure usage, this is not a good thing to happen.

I have emailed the retailer I bought the boots from asking for options and I have also emailed the  Lake Cycling company.

One day later and I have not had a reply from either of these sources.

Interestingly, I found it initially difficult to find a contact email or phone number on the official Lake Cycling website. Instead,

I resorted to searching the internet for a contact. Whether this email account: is still used by them

I am guessing not, because I got a “Mail Delivery System” error for two days afterwards.

Lucky for me though, the retailer got in touch with me and advised they will speak to the manufacturer to see if they can claim from them if they give me a new set of boots. another couple of days went by and just as I was thinking of contacting the retailer, they got in touch with me, again via e-mail. Here is an excerpt from it:

“I’m sorry to hear this and for the delay responding however the good news is there is a lifetime guarantee on the BOA system.

You can use the following web link to order replacement parts.

I have since ordered my part(s) and I am awaiting delivery.

At first, after filling in relevant information so the BOA company can send you replacements, FREE of charge, you are presented with a full list, including images, of the BOA dials that they currently do. I found this a bit daunting at first as I hadn’t a clue whether mine was a Low, Mid or High version and then what dial was mine within that version. After some time trying to work it out, I decided to go back to basics, match the image with my broken dial and voila, I found it and it wasn’t the one I thought it might be. It was a Low instead of a Mid!!!

So, if you have a BOA lace system and any part of it breaks, including the laces, you have a lifetime guarantee of free replacement parts. Interesting use of the word lifetime. On the BOA site, it told me I had two claims left. Since I hadn’t made a claim before, lifetime by BOA standards means, you have two claims to take in the lifetime of your BOA Lace system.

It has been 8 days now and still no sign of the parts. I will give it until the end of the week before chasing them up.

The parts are coming from America, but they should have arrived by now.

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