A Lunch Hour Well Spent

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The Great British Canal Network
The Great British Canal Network


If you are like me, you hate being stuck in a stuffy office, especially when the sun is beaming down its warmth. So come my lunch hour, I wasted no time in grabbing my sandwiches and heading off up to the canal in my car, which is a 3 minute drive away.

Just the feeling of being out in the fresh air was enough, but once on the canal, it was even better, because there was no hustle or bustle, in fact, there was no noise at all. It was peaceful and tranquil.

Sunbathing Ducks


I started my walk at the bridge where I would normally come off when I use the canal towpath to cycle to work. I decided to investigate beyond the bridge only known as 10.

The first thing I noticed and had never seen before, was the canal overspill drainage system. Simple and yet highly effective.

The canal overspill drainage system


I then had to see where it went, which didn’t take me long to find out. It was a simple hollow pipe to the other side of the towpath.

Where the excess water goes

At the bottom of this embankment, I could hear a river. Query resolved.

A bit further along on my stroll, I passed a couple of barges and a friendly dog basking in the sunshine and then I came to this gate that had a shiny new padlocked chain on it.

A polite notice on the gate

So we have a nice gate, padlocked with a polite notice. I think however, either they ran out of fencing or they have forgotten to finish the job, because, quite honestly, why bother with a shiny new chain and padlock if you leave a huge gap next to the gate!

The mind boggles

Another point of interest was some old fencing posts. These will have been put in many, many years ago. You can see the wear and tear on them from the weather. Only decades of being outside could do this.

Very old fencing posts

All this in less than a miles walk. You have to love Britain.

Note: All photos were taken using the iPhone 3Gs.

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