A New Bike – Specialized Cross Trail

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My current bike, a MTB Marin Hydro Edge, has been a good bike for the past four years. It has seen some really bad weather and some really good weather. It has given me heartache and pain when things have gone wrong, or the bike has literally gone from underneath me in the wet (summer tyres not changed for winter tyres early enough). All in all, it has been a big part of my everyday life.

With a grinding noise now emanating from the front stem (possible bearings worn) and the front suspension not as efficient as it used to be (sticking and “woody”), I can only see more money being spent on it when I could be riding a newer, lighter model.

With this in mind and weighing up the type of cycling I do; Commuting mainly with some leisure cycling thrown in for good measure, I have decided to purchase a new bike.

The bike I have gone for is a Hybrid, Specialized Cross Trail.

I have ridden it twice now, too and from work and I have to say, I have made the right choice.

I have gone from 26″ wheels up to 27″ wheels and I also have 27 gears instead of 24. This difference has increased my speed and overall cycling efficiency.

I have found a new lease of enthusiasm in my daily commute. It has become a pleasure to cycle again, rather than just a means to an end as it was becoming, due to the sluggishness of my MTB and the cost to keep it going, not to mention the effort required to move it along.

I have managed to up my average speed to at least 2mph+ more than I was doing before and I have also managed to shave time of my to and from journey of up to 5 minutes, which is a huge bonus.

I am very pleased with the bike and I am looking forward to more cycling throughout the year.

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