We Learn By Our Mistakes Don’t We?

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May 18th 2012

On my new Specialized Cross Trail, I have been advised by the bike shop that my wheels aren’t as strong as my previous Marin MTB wheels were and it wouldn’t be advisable to go down the 4 lots of steps I do on my way to work and then the two lots of steps on the way home.

With this in mind and not wanting to waste time going round the windy cycle path that bypasses the steps, I thought I’d give it a go down the small slopes at the side of each steps. I have done it before on the way home, but never on the way to work. For one the steps are steeper and for two, the little ramp is one set of cobbles narrower with a fence running right next to them. So for me to achieve my goal, I would have to go down the ramp at an angle.

First ramp successful, as was the second, come the third, my handlebar got knocked by the inanimate fence which caused my front wheel to turn and jam and voila, you have me falling sideways (thankfully. It could have been over the handlebars just as easy) off my bike.

Apart from a little self humiliation (luckily there was no-one around to see my mishap) and a scathed knee, my bike was okay, apart from the last gear now not smoothly moving down.

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  1. bgddyjim

    I happen to be one of the intelligent people. Much like you I learn from my own mistakes. It’s the wise people that learn from the mistakes of others. Bummer about the shifting.

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