Manchester to Liverpool Bike Ride 2012 In Aid of the NSPCC

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The Manheim Retail Services Team have completed the 43 miles from Salford Quays, Manchester to Otterspool Park, near Garston in Liverpool on Sunday 3rd June. The first members of the team over the line (myself and Joe) completed it in 2 hours and 56 minutes. The rest of the Manheim Retail Services team were not too far behind.

The route took us along various roads, canal paths and part of the Pennine way. We went through parks and car parks and eventually finishing at the estuary in Otterspool.


The weather was typical British weather in that it rained, heavily. This happened at the start of the ride, so it set us up for the journey. A good number of cyclists came prepared for bad weather, however, there were a lot of riders who wore clothing such as a sweatshirt,  jogging bottoms and trainers. I am glad I wasn’t one of them. They were drenched to the bone and cold and were not smiling all that much, as we all were.

It was a great way for me to find out that my waterproof jacket I thought I had re-waterproofed wasn’t and that your sub-zero winter, waterproof gloves I was wearing, had also lost their water resilience. As long as we kept going, the water stayed warm in my gloves.

A very wet and cold me. Bacon and Sausage butty and cup of tea devoured. I’m ready to get moving again.

There were 3 places you could stop along the way for a drink and a bite to eat. We only stopped twice very briefly to refuel. It would have been three times if a pub had been open to provide a cup of tea for Joe.

Joe Dillon and his first cup of tea along the route.

The ride was pretty much flat 95% of the way, allowing for a good momentum of speed. Due to the number of people taking part, there were areas where you had to slow down to a snail’s pace before you could over take due to riders being 2 or three astride or the terrain being too narrow to allow such a manoeuvre.

Time for a few snaps after a nice bacon and sausage butty

I also learnt a very valuable lesson. Never, ever, ride close behind a MTB with no mud guards, otherwise you get covered in mud very quickly! Thanks again Jeremy. 🙂

The event was very well organised with clear bright yellow signs directing you and to ensure you didn’t miss them, there were also marshalls providing an arm pointing in the direction you needed to go. We only missed our marker twice and noticed almost immediately our mistake despite the previously mentioned factors being in place.

A very muddy Anthony and Will. Taking 5 mins rest at the first eat stop.

At the finish line, we were greeted by two lovely ladies clapping and cheering us on who presented us with a bottle of water and a certificate of congratulations (see top photo). There were also burger vans in place for those who were still hungry or wanted another luke warm drink.

If the weather had been on the sunny side, it would have been a fantastic way of spending the two and a half hours Jeremy and I had to wait for the coach we had paid for. However, due to us being wet and cold to the point we were shivering, we decided to join Joe in the pursuit of a train station and transportation back to Salford Quays where we had left our car.

The Finish Line at Otterspool, Liverpool, facing the estuary.


Three of the seven who took part in the NSPCC bike ride 2012.


All in all, we all had lots of fun despite the weather. I will certainly be hoping to take part in this event again next year.

Although this figure isn’t yet confirmed, we think we have managed to raise £628.11

The Manheim Retail Services Team consisted of:

  • Mark Nicoll
  • Jeremy Lawson
  • Joe Dillon
  • Anthony Coates
  • William Coates
  • Marc Hayes
  • William Wilcock

If you would like to donate to the fantastic work the NSPCC do for our children, then please follow this link and pledge whatever you can comfortably afford with our greatest thanks:

If you are interested in finding out more about this event, then please follow this link:

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