Medieval Fayre at Tatton Park (June 2012)

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On Sunday, 17th June, Father’s Day, myself, my wife and our daughter met up with my wife’s parents and we spent the day at Tatton Park, Knutsford, Cheshire.

There was a special event on, “A Medieval Fayre”, where people dressed up and camped out in medieval attire and tents, utilising tools and cooking techniques of the time.

The primary part of the day were the stalls with the various wares for sale, ranging from kids bows and arrows, to medieval jewellery, to medieval style furniture.

We wanted this piece of fine furniture, however at £995, we didn’t have that much spare cash on us!


I particularly liked this wood carving due to it’s humourous nature.


The atmosphere was one of calm and tranquility with a hint of festivities. The people re-enacting the life of medieval times were clearly enjoying themselves. We spoke to one lady in particular, who was camping with her family and son of about 18 months. She told us it was great fun and they only do it as a hobby. The tent next door to this family, were obviously friends and they were working on homemade remedies. We were told how a homemade mouthwash wasn’t so nice when they tasted it last night. They still had some left if we wanted to try some? We declined on the basis that the woman we were talking to, advised against it.

Our daughter made us all go “Awwwww!” when she promptly walked over to the 18 month old boy and gave him a genuine hug of affection. My wife and I are so proud of her.

Everyone who saw our daughter (2yrs old) giving the 18 month old boy a hug, let out an “Awwww”, even if they didn’t mean to!


Unfortunately, we managed to miss the few events that were on; The guns (although we heard them), the falconry display and a battle re-enactment. We decided to head to Tatton Park’s cafe for a hot drink and cake, where we could actually sit down too. Seating was lacking in the area of the Medieval Fayre.

Despite the forecast for rain, the day turned out to be a very warm day and sunny enough for me to get sun burned.

The event itself started at 11:00am and finished at 16:00pm.

The only major issue we had with the event was the cost of entry. We are national trust members and we already know we have to pay £5.00 car parking fee, as the council own the land, however, to then have to pay £6.50 per person, to gain entry to the Medieval Fayre, where no doubt the stall holders would have had to pay a ground fee already, we just found disgraceful. An email of complaint was sent to Tatton Park email contact and I have been told it will be forwarded on to the relevant people. I haven’t heard anything since.

A drummer and singer. He was letting our daughter have a go. Despite her love of drums, she had become unexpectedly shy!
Some interesting footwear. Wooden blocks.


Fabric signs showing the kind of wares for sale


There were also clan flags too.


The stalls of wares. You were looking at around £100 or more for a fabric cloak of the time. They are very well made, so would last a very long time.

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