Chester Zoo (October 2012)

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What a great way to spend a day with or without children at a Zoo full of animals and interactivity.

Okay, so the price of visiting a zoo might put some people off at £18 per adult, but when you think how much it costs to feed and keep these magnificent wild animals healthy and in as natural an environment as possible and the staff it takes to complete the daily tasks, the money is inconsequential. However, if you do want to reduce the price, then have a look at pre-booking. You can save yourself at least £2 per ticket.

So, with tickets purchased (my daughter went in for free as she was under 3 years old, so bonus there!) and armed with a zoo map, we ventured into the Zoo grounds.

The entrance housed a large Aladdin’s cave of toys and clothing aimed at the younger generation. Our two and a half year old was in her element. She soon found the Space Hopper-esque animals and was soon bouncing up and down on the spot with absolute glee. A great ploy in selling a product which we fell for. Come Christmas, we are going to have a child that has a grin from ear to ear and we are hoping the new addition might give our bed mattress a rest from her constant bouncing.

My daughter found something to bounce on.


The first enclosure we encountered was the elephants, complete with baby ones too.

Once in the grounds of Chester Zoo, you can find sign posts at every junction, so you always know where you are heading and along with the well detailed free map you are given at the ticket office, you should be able to plan your whole day.

As well as the animal enclosures and the drinks and food units, there are plenty of places to have a picnic with benches provided. On a nice sunny day, the main lawn area is littered with people doing just that (although no benches on the lawn).

Scattered around Chester Zoo are lots of bonus photo opportunities, if you keep your eyes open.

Around the zoo there are bronze statues amongst many other potential photo shoot sites


My favourite has to be the Brass Komodo Dragon. The other significant brass animal is the baby elephant. Both you can sit on if you so wish.

There is also a monorail within the Zoo grounds. This you can ride on free of charge and it takes you from one end of the zoo to the other, giving you a great birds eye view of some of the animal compounds. If you have never been on one before, I highly recommend it. The ride doesn’t last long, but it is long enough and the kids love it.

This year, the zoo had their outdoor, Dinosaur exhibition on display again. The dinosaurs had some animatronics and made deep growling noises. With hindsight, I am not sure my 2 year old was upto this particular part of the zoo. She was a little frightened to say the least and I do believe she might have had a little bit of a nightmare that night as I heard her whimpering and then she called out for daddy. All in her sleep mind and then that was that!

Here are some photos of some of the dinosaurs in the outdoor exhibition:

Another photo opportunity



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