Sprint by Google, totally worth giving it a go.

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SprintBookCoverSomeone in our squad introduced us all to Sprint by Google; A five day plan to solve big problems and test new ideas.

This is a quick digest of how our experience went and what we learnt from it, but overall, we thought it was a great five day plan and will use it again. In fact, other squads have begun using it too.

Day #1

What is Sprint by Google?

This was our introduction to the concept and after we all bought into the idea, we very quickly got the ball rolling.

  • worked on our overall goal
  • created lots of questions
  • mapped the whole idea

Day #2

Storyboard day

Today we got to draw our ideas on paper and then pick the best ideas .

  • focused on one small part of the process to create an MVP
  • Created a storyboard

Day #3

  • The front end developers created a prototype
  • As a team we critiqued the prototype based on our storyboard

Day #4

  • Went to our macclesfield office to sit with the sales experts
  • Answered a lot of our questions from show and tell sessions of the prototype

Day #5

  • Refactored the prototype based on feedback from our Macclesfield sessions
  • Crossed off questions that had been answered

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