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If like me, you have more than one slack team and want to identify with different ones based on colour, you can.

For example:- my work slack team, I have changed the colours to be our corporate chosen ones and it is really simple, just follow these easy steps to colour magnificence.

  1. Open the Slack team you’d like to change the colours for.
  2. Click your team name to open the Team Menu.
  3. Choose Preferences.
  4. Choose the Sidebar Theme tab.


You will see something like this:

Slack Sidebar Theme Colour Preferences


You can now either select a predefined colour scheme, or you can change the colours using the colour spectrum or simply add codes (To activate the spectrum, simply click on a colour to open it up). 


Once you are happy with your new colour scheme, you can share it with your channel friends by copying the text in the box underneath the colour code section

Simply paste into the slack channel of your choice and it will appear like this:

Anyone who clicks the “Switch sidebar theme” button will instantly change their sidebar colour scheme to the colours you chose. 


Have fun!

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  1. How do you revert back to the original color scheme?

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